Property Areas

Different Areas Within the Market

Below we have provided an overview of the four regions in order to give you an overall perspective of the area.

The Town of Telluride

Main Street

Renowned Main Street (Colorado Avenue) Telluride begins at the western entrance to the Town of Telluride at the roundabout located at Mahoney Drive. Leading past Telluride Middle/High School to the north, Visitor’s Center on right and continuing past multi-family condominiums, Hotel Telluride and bed & breakfasts, the colorful, historic Victorian homes begin to line Telluride’s western Main Street. Main Street crests at Aspen Street and begins the historic commercial district. Telluride’s Man Street is historically wider than others an was constructed to accommodate the mining traffic, mule trains and horse drawn wagons of the mining era of the late 1800s. In addition to The Sheridan Opera House, shops and restaurants, this is where you’ll find many of the town’s most desirable penthouse residences, condominiums and rooftop decks on the tops of many of these buildings, including Blackbear, Wasatch and Wintercrown.

West End

This neighborhood is located near the entrance to town, along Mahoney Drive to West Pacific Avenue and extending east to Davis Street, all convenient to Coonskin/Lift 7. It includes the Victorian residences of Bachman Village, Owl Meadows Townhomes, Lulu City, Telluride Lodge, Double Diamond and Cimarron Lodge at the base of the ski area. This area is zoned for nightly, weekly and longer terms of rentals and occupancy.

Pacific Avenue Corridor

The street just south of Main and a step closer to the mountainside is West/ East Pacific Avenue. It is contains a mix of historic homes, newer condominiums and townhomes including West Pacific Campus and Pacific Street Townhomes. Small pockets of retail include Siam Thai restaurant at the corner of W. Pacific and Davis Street and Telluride Post Office at E. Pacific and Willow Street.

Gondola District

Located near the Oak Street Gondola Station, the district features many historic properties on Oak Street in addition to retail, restaurant and hotel accommodations including Hotel Columbia, Camels’ Garden and private residences including 205 South Oak.

East End

The East End refers to properties located east of the Main St. retail/commercial area and Alder Street. The area is noted by it’s proximity to Town Park, Bear Creek and box canyon views with residences on East Pandora and Columbia Avenues.


The San Miguel River begins in the mountains above Telluride’s box canyon and flows through Telluride and out west to the preserved 570-acre valley floor. Telluride’s River Trail is a 4+ mile graded pathway that begins just east of Town Park and follows the river through town. Just west of Town Park you’ll find several condominium residences located close to and alongside the river including Ballard House, Ice House and Riverside with townhomes and singe-family residences in The Depot area bordering the river and continuing toward Lift 7 with properties that overlook the year round beauty and sound of the San Miguel River.

The Sunnyside

The Sunnyside of Telluride is north of Main Street and includes Columbia, Galena, Gregory, Pandora and Dakota Avenues. This northern neighborhood naturally receives more daylight as it is further from the shadow cast by the ridge of the ski area. The area is zoned for residences and longer term living with restrictions on short-term or nightly rentals less than 30 days. This is where you will not only find the restored historic homes including Old Waggoner House, L.L. Nunn House and Davis House but many newer, larger residences including those perched with a view overlooking town, views to the ski area and access to hiking trails of Jud Weibe Trail and Tomboy Road.

Mountain Village

The core design of the Mountain Village community is based off of a modern ski village found in Europe with cobblestone plazas, no streets, European architectural accents and a mix of residential and commercial buildings. In a contrast to the historical Town of Telluride, Mountain Village was founded in 1986 and incorporated in 1995 and today you can find the core condominium, fractional ownership, residential homes, developable lots and opulent mansions throughout Mountain Village. Mountain Village’s core was built to serve the needs of the growing ski resort, and ski runs intersect the village throughout providing ski-in, ski-out access for many residents. The town is also home to the region’s only golf course. A free gondola transportation system was put into place to service not only skiers but commuters and visitors as well.

Golf Course

Single-family residences, vacant lots and a few multi-family dwellings are interspersed alongside the area’s only and world-renowned Telluride Golf Course. This par 70 6,574 yard 18-hole mountain resort course is noted for its breathtaking beauty, surrounded by the highest concentration of 13,000 and 14,000 foot mountains in the United States. Home sites averaging an acre in size are located off Adams Ranch Road, Double Eagle and Russell Drives, and the smaller neighborhoods off Pennington Place, Arizona Street and A.J. Drive.

The Meadows

The Meadows area is located at the base of lift 10 and the 4-person Chondola which services skier and pedestrian traffic. It is an enclave of single-family homes, town homes and condominium residences offering a year-round neighborhood with public transportation, community park and excellent proximity to skiing. Some of the properties in the neighborhood are restricted to local occupancy. Additionally, there are commercial and office spaces located in this area.

Ski Mountain

Interspersed throughout the ski resort near lift 10 and the ski runs of Sundance, Double Cabin and Galloping Goose are homes and lots with ski-in, ski-out accessibility. Many of these properties are located off Benchmark Drive and San Joaquin Road. In addition to home sites, there are several condominium and townhome residences this area.

Village Central Center

This is the heart of Mountain Village and is where the majority of hotels, shops, restaurants and businesses are located. Throughout this pedestrian friendly village, you will find condominiums and penthouse residences all with varying amenities and services, all close to skiing and the Gondola.

Area Subdivisions

If you want privacy, space, spectacular views, and proximity to Telluride and Mountain Village, consider looking at one of our regional subdivisions. Regional subdivisions that might meet your needs include: West Meadows, Sunnyside, Gray Head, Raspberry Patch, The Preserve, Elk Run, the Telluride Ski Ranches, Aldasoro Ranch, and Last Dollar. Each subdivision features building sites from 1-35 acres priced from $75,000 to $2,400,000, as well as a variety of resale homes.

Aldasoro Ranch

Just five minutes from the towns of Telluride and Mountain Village, above the Telluride airport, lays the exclusive neighborhood of Aldasoro Ranch. Originally owned by the Basque Aldasoro family, it was once a large sheep operation supporting thousands of animals. In the late 1980s the ranch was developed into an exclusive enclave with a density of 166 home sites averaging 3-4 acres in size over a total of 1,550 acres. Aldasoro Ranch not only offers larger lot sizes, but some of the area’s biggest views with enormous sunny exposure year round. The subdivision has over forty estates and homes, with both vacant land and homes available for sale.

Elk Run

Elk Run is accessed off Highway 145 directly south of Mountain Village and Telluride Ski Ranches. This low-density development of 3-6 acre lot parcels was originally developed by ski resort owner Ron Allred’s Benchmark Group as a predecessor to Mountain Village.

Gray Head

Further west of Aldasoro Ranch subdivision is the select community of Gray Head. This community was once a part of the Aldasoro sheep ranch, and is now a private wilderness preserve of 885 acres surrounded by national forest. Gray Head offers amenities such as a historic homeowner’s cabin, an equestrian facility, a private trail system, tennis, ice-skating, fly-fishing, and private parking in Telluride. The Gray Head lots are 35-acres in size and are known for amazing views.

Idarado Legacy

This community is adjacent to the Town of Telluride at the very east end of the box canyon. The Idarado Legacy is what remains of the land holdings of the Idarado Mining Company in Telluride. Named after the mining camps in the area—Liberty Bell, Pandora and Bridal Veil—this is an upscale residential development composed of 37 lots of approximately .83 to 15.4 acres.

Last Dollar Development

One of the first subdivisions in the area, Last Dollar, is east of Telluride’s airport along its namesake Last Dollar Road. There are 30 one to one and a half acre lots in this subdivision. Like many of the properties along the valley’s northwestern hillside, the Aldasoro family also once owned this property.

Lawson Hill

The Lawson Hill subdivision is located at Society Turn just south of the intersections of Highway 145 three miles west of Telluride. It was developed as a mix of commercial and light industrial and includes a neighborhood of single-family homes, town homes and condominiums deed-restricted to local ownership and occupancy. The development was created in the early ‘90s to offer affordable housing opportunities to full-time residents.

Meadows at Deep Creek

This neighborhood of fourteen 1-3 acre lots is located above the valley’s northwestern hillside just east of Telluride’s airport.

The Preserve

This is one of the more southernmost neighborhoods in the Telluride region, and lies across from Raspberry Patch along Highway 145. The Zoline family preserved this parcel in their holdings when selling the ski resort to Ron Allred and Jim Wells in 1978. The Preserve then became an exclusive development of twelve lots of about 13-acres each offering rolling privacy, many with views to Sunshine and the Wilson Peaks.

Raspberry Patch

This subdivision is 2.5 miles south of Mountain Village situated between Elk Run and Skyline Ranch. his small development is only five 35-acre lots with most of them improved. Raspberry Patch sits between Elk Run and the Skyline Ranch.

Ski Ranches

Telluride Ski Ranches is directly adjacent to Mountain Village with two entrances at Fox Farm Road and further west at Vance Creek of Highway 145. The 1-2 acre lots offer seclusion and privacy, many with mountain views of Wilson Peaks and the St. Sophia Ridge. Keeping with its namesake, the lots have equestrian and trail easements.

Sunnyside Ranch

ust east of Aldasoro Ranch and once a part of the Aldasoro holdings, Sunnyside Ranch contains larger ranchette parcels in a gated community bordered by National Forest. The lots are 35+acres with beautiful views to the south, tremendous year-round sun exposure —hence the name. Amenities include paved roads, central water system, and an electronically controlled gate insuring seclusion and privacy.

West Meadows

This community lies to the west of Highway 145 directly across from Mountain Village and Telluride Ski Ranches, all are a part of the larger area known as Turkey Creek Mesa. The name West Meadows is literally derived from the west meadows hay fields of the original Adams Ranch. West Meadows (originally known as Skyfield Ranch) was one of the first 35-acre lot developments in the Telluride region and offers approximately fifteen parcels with incredible views of Mount Wilson and abundant water all within five minutes of Mountain Village and ten minutes to the Town of Telluride.

North Valley Floor

There are three neighborhoods currently existing on Telluride’s northern valley floor along what is known as “The Spur”, the three-mile stretch of Highway 145 spur from Society Turn heading east to the Town of Telluride. All have quick access to the hiking, biking and cross-country ski trails located on the 570-acre open space parcel leading to the Town of Telluride’s western border.

Built in the 1980s, Brown Homestead condominiums are the furthest east and located on a historic dairy farming property. The original red homestead still stands as a testament to its one time past and is a private residence today.

Hillside of Telluride is a local community and one of the area’s original subdivisions in the mid-1970s. It sits across from the protected 570-acre valley floor just a mile from the entrance of the Town of Telluride. There are approximately 35 home sites and serves primarily as a year round community for local, professional residents. Amenities include abundant open space, common tennis facilities, abundant sun exposure and views of the Telluride valley.

Sunset Ridge is located between Eider Creek and Hillside and offers 22 single-family home sites along the hillside. Eider Creek condominiums are located one-half mile west of Hillside and contain approximately 60 residential condominiums ranging from studios to 2-bedrooms.

Ranches & Mesas

Outside of Telluride, Mountain Village and local subdivisions exist mesas of incredible beauty and gorgeous vistas. These alpine plateaus rise above the adjacent canyons with beautiful views of the surrounding peaks. Among the lush meadows full of native grasses and wildflowers are groupings of iconic aspens and firs. Early settlers homesteaded these mesas, and then eventually turned them into large ranches. Some of these ranches have stayed intact; others have been divided into 35-acre parcels or less forming subdivisions. Many of these subdivisions have been developed with electric, gas, telecommunications and maintained county roads.

Hastings Mesa

Like most in the area, Hastings Mesa was homesteaded in the late 1800s. It lies to the west of Last Dollar pass between Sawpit and Ski Dallas Divide and offers spectacular views of the Wilson range to the south, pastoral landscapes and views of the Sneffels mountains to the northeast. To access, drive to the intersection of Highway 145 and County Road 58P in Sawpit 12 miles down valley from Telluride. From Highway 62, access Hastings Mesa at 56V Road at Alder Creek or further northeast at the intersection of northern County Road 58P just west of Dallas Divide.

There are several larger, historic ranches, including Last Dollar Ranch, the location site for portions of the historic True Grit film located on Hastings. Currently, there are vacant and residential properties available with 5-150+ acres with prices ranging from $150,000 – $2,500,000. Some properties remain by preference “off the grid”. While there is year-round access to the mesa, not all roads are plowed in winter requiring snowmobile access for year-round commuting to certain locations. Old Elam Ranch is a distinctive subdivision of Hastings Mesa which provides its residents with water pumped by solar power. In addition to Old Elam Ranch, other Hastings Mesa neighborhoods include San Juan Vista, Telluride Pines, Little Lakes, Hastings Mesa Estates, and Cradle Park.

Horsefly & Iron Springs Mesas

Horsefly and Iron Springs Mesas lie northwest of the intersection of Highways 145 and 62 at Placerville. To access, turn right/northwest and drive 4.5 miles on Highway 62 to County Road X48 4.5 miles on the left. The two mesas are separated by X48 Road (often referred to as Brown Ranch Road). Continuing right on X48 continues to Horsefly Mesa, continuing right at the intersection connects north to Iron Springs. Iron Springs can be also accessed further north at Highway 62 and 60X Road. Following the winding 60X Road gravel from Iron Springs Mesa will eventually connect with Dave Wood Road which continues to Montrose.

There are several available ranches and residences in this area offering 5-2,000+ acres with prices ranging from $200,000 to $13,000,000+. The more southern Horsefly Mesa includes Brown Ranch, Horsefly and McKenzie Springs Ranch, The Lakes and The Bluffs, Frontier and Shadow Mountain. Iron Springs Mesa includes the exclusive gated community of San Juan Ranch; Dancing Bear Ranch; Flat Top; and Panorama Acres.

Specie Mesa

Specie Mesa is the Telluride region’s western-most mesa, and is accessed at the intersection of Highway 145 and County Road M44 between Telluride and Norwood. This area has been known for cattle ranching since the late 1800s, and with its open ranges and large parcels it exemplifies the old west. Specie Mesa offers views of the Telluride ski resort, offers wide-open spaces. Specie Mesa currently offers ranch properties from 2,000+ to 35 acres with prices ranging from $200,000- $24,000,000. Subdivision communities include The Peninsula, Peninsula Point & Pines; Specie Mesa Ranch; and Top of The World.

Sunshine Mesa

This smaller mesa is closer to Telluride perched Wilson and Turkey Creek mesas. There are approximately twenty privately held parcels on Sunshine Mesa which more rarely come to market.

Turkey Creek Mesa

Adjacent to the Telluride Valley is Turkey Creek Mesa accessed from Highway 145. A large portion of this mesa was once the location of the Adams Ranch cattle and hay operation until was sold to Joe Zoline as a part of his future ski resort in the 1970s. In addition to Mountain Village, neighborhoods on Turkey Creek Mesa include West Meadows; Telluride Ski Ranches, Elk Run, The Preserve, and Raspberry Patch.

Wilson Mesa

This is often Telluride’s most recognized mesa located at the base of the well-photographed Mount Wilson. To access, drive 14 miles west of Telluride on Highway 145, turning left on Fall Creek Road. The Hughes family, who once owned 10,000 acres from Wilson Mesa west to Norwood originally homesteaded the mesa in 1882. The mesa has spectacular views of not only Mount Wilson to the south, but of Telluride in the east.

There are currently parcels available on Wilson Mesa ranging in size from 7-2000+ acres with prices beginning at approximately $300,000-$30,000,000. There are several large ranch parcels on Wilson Mesa and neighborhoods offering smaller parcels from 4-40 acres including Wilson Mesa Estates, Ptarmigan Ranch and Little Cone.


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